This project is a book cover re-design and potential movie poster design of the novel ‘1Q84’.
1Q84 is a novel by Japanese author Haruki Murakami, first published as a trilogy in Japan in 2009–10. The book is based on a fictionalised year of 1984 that has been fragmented in minute ways. The story follows how a woman named Aomame notices strange changes occurring in the world. The novel explores diverse and complex themes, making it an empowering piece of writing that captures real-world issues in a parallel manner.
This project features self-photographed imagery manipulated and edited in Photoshop to create original images that reflect the novel’s storyline. The dominant dark tones combined with bright and neon colours emphasise the book’s ‘parallel world’ theme and capture the two symbolic colours within the story. The three images capture essential symbols from the story, such as the red and green circle within one of the posters symbolising the two moons the protagonist (Aomame) claims to see. The other posters of the two submerged and blended portraits display the character’s sense of feeling unsure of herself and a feeling of having two sides of herself. The motion-like static effect captures the fast pace of the protagonist’s journey and the fast pace of Tokyo city. The overall style of the set is Surrealism, which conveys the protagonist’s feeling of confusion and disillusionment, combined with a sci-fi and eerie style to portray the theme of Parallel Worlds. The title typeface has had similar effects to be cohesive with the Parallel World aesthetic.
Year// 2022
Category// Publication, Photography
Client Name// Hawthorn Publications

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